Group of companies offering international internet technologies and trading solutions.

Our Goal
Our goal is; to create a new ecosystem based on trust , power of community and economic freedom, and to ensure   the appreciation of our new crypto currency «Intexcoin»  and   make it a reliable currency  used all over the World.

Towards Our Goal
We are creating all our products , softwares and projects, including our crypto currency , within our own organization.

Our Strategies
Building   an ecosystem based on  the formation  and distribution of  benefits within  an active trading system ,  accordig to a growth plan based on advising and  sharing of satisfaction.

A Profitable Investment

As Intexcoin is a new crypto currency, mining it, is a very profitable investment.

Don't need any technical knowledge

All mining process is carried out on your behalf.  You only save your Intexcoins.

Power of the Community

If you contribute to the growth of our community, you will also be rewarded.

Intexcoin Everywhere

By using your Intexcoins in our exchange platform or  for purchasing products/services,  you can be a part of our new ecosystem.

Our Products

Minex, Intexplace and Invest

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