Our Targets and Our Expectations

Dear intexcoin family;
We are rapidly approaching our targets. First of all, we would like to thank everyone who supports us.

Our community is growing rapidly and we are now counting days to go to the world stage.

Intexcoin will be opened for public mining in all over the world as of June 30, 2018.

We wish to reach this great day together. Thus, intexcoin will be listed in many crypto currency exchange platforms operating in many parts of the World.

We are now a crypto coin with investors spread across 30 countries and followed in nearly 100 countries.

We have established our trading platform, Intexplace, which continues its activities uninterruptedly.

In light of this information, we estimate that intexcoin, Turkey’s first crypto currency, will be met with great interest shortly after its opening to the world.

The opportunities can be catched by who can see them.
If you missed the mining opportunity of Bitcoin and other valuable crypto currencies , consider the advantage of intexcoin mining.

Sales of Minex devices, Intexcoin crypto money mining equipment, will continue until April 30, 2018, and Minex will no longer be sold from that date and at this date Intexcoin mining will be avaliable to anyone who wants it.

What does it mean;
Becoming a member of Intexcoin is free. After you become a member, you can rent up to 25 Minex and you can already start winning before it becomes open to public mining.

Best regards,

İntexcoin management